Test from iPad mini.

Map: 54.4967,-1.6890

Mapping Micro.blog

I’ve put a work-through re my mapping efforts here davidhall.co/noodles/m…

I hope it makes sense (and I haven’t made any errors - all done on an iPad Mini 😎). @manton

Well, some progress - multiple posts coming into the Map.

However, when bringing in the Front Matter variable (in this case the Title) I get “quoted” coords instead of the bare coords (which doesn’t work). A general call-out to anybody who knows Hugo and bringing Front Matter into a script better than ?! Thanks.

Here is the code:

{{ $list := (where .Site.Pages “Type” “post”) }} {{ range $list }} {{ if.Title }} var marker = new L.Marker([ {{ .Title }} ],


var marker = new L.Marker([ “51.1441,0.37165” ],

This is how it should look:

var marker = new L.Marker([ 51.1441,0.37165 ],


Test Iris pix 🌷

Map: 51.1526,0.3696

Just a test Workflow in Editorial


Micro.Blog.Map up - nothing on it yet… spotthehall.net/map/

Result! Following from previous post, iCab has found the GeoData and it successfully links out to GoogleMaps - now to try and pick that data up in the custom Map page. @manton @vincent


This is a test to see if iCab picks up the ICBM data from the header of the custom theme I’m using in micro.blog. The title field does seem to remain even if I delete text back below the “threshold”. It is really a cheat, but thought I’d give it a go before I try to feed it through to a custom micro.blog Map page.

Map: 51.1441,0.3716


Over the threshold. Permit renewed ✈️

Map: 52.26117,-0.48027

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